Company’s History 会社の沿革





Established in 1975, the Company formerly known as World Tropical Food Co., Ltd. (W. T. F.) started out as a producer of salted ginger and exported mainly to Japan as semi-products.

塩漬生姜生産工場World Tropical Food Co., Ltd.として設立されました。塩漬生姜は半製品として、主に日本に輸出していました。


In 1980, the Company began to produce pickled ginger of its own and offered different kinds of pickled ginger including sliced pickled ginger (Amazu Shoga), Sengiri Shoga, and Mijingiri Shoga.



The Company began to expand its product line to include pickled eggplants (Asazuke Nasu), pickled cucumber (Asazuke Kyuri), pickled white melon (Asazuke Hagura Uri), pickled green onion (Asazuke Negi) and KIMCHI.



The Company began to market its products under its own brand of “MORI.”



The Company changed its name from World Tropical Food to World Natural Food as the previous name no longer reflected all the products that the Company markets. By this time, the Company offers a wide range of products and exports to many countries around the world such as Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, UK, France and USA.

当社は、製品の多様化を反映できるように、社名をWorld Tropical Food から World Natural Foodに変更いたしました。 現在も、当社は、日本、マレーシア、シンガポール、英国、フランスおよび米国 など数多くの国々に様々な製品を提供しています。



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